Princess Cut Base Shapers Bag Liners for Louis Vuitton Handbags and Luggage
Keepall 55 base shaper for Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier Neverfull GM Base Shaper Princess Cut Bag Liners for Louis Vuitton damier base shaper for damier louis vuitton speedy 30 base shaper princess cut Totally MM base shaper for louis vuitton damier base shaper for louis vuitton bags by princess cut

Our site is dedicated to those in need of the best Louis Vuitton Base Shaper Bag Liners, period! To this we say, "Take care of your Louis!" and seriously consider a Princess Cut Base Shaper Bag Liner for your LV Speedy handbag. We dedicated a lot of time and research into our shapers and bag liners. We considered almost every material imaginable and after several tests we have concluded that our acrylic is the best. Tests we conducted on our Base Shaper Bag Liner included; moisture, endurance, stress, heat, cold, water, alcohol, nail polish, make-up, etc. You name it we probably tested it on our Base Shaper Bag Liners to be sure we are offering our clients the best Shaper/Liner for their Louis Vuitton Bag. We currently offer sizes for the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, Speedy 30, Speedy 35, Speedy 40, Neverfull MM, Neverfull GM, Totally PM, Totally MM, Tivoli GM, Montorgueil GM, Artsy MM and Keepall 45, Keepall 50, Keepall 55, and Keepall 60. We occasionally take special orders for custom sized or different brand purses with payment up front. Our site utilizes paypal so our customers have a secure shopping environment. If you are interested in our items please view our catalog. If you have any questions or need more information on a particular product you can add us on facebook, or email us. As requested we have added a pay-by-check option for customers without paypal. Thank you, Princess Cut Base Shapers and Bag Liners "Making Your Bags Look Their Best!"

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Princess Cut Base Shaper for Louis Vuitton

Quality & Integrity.
by Slade Gray

We created Princess Cut on two simple principles, quality and integrity. We have a 100% money back guarantee* on our products. If you are unhappy for any reason simply return the base shaper bag liner within 30 days and we will give a full refund for your purchase minus the cost of shipping. *(Custom size orders are excluded from 30 day guarantee). We are so sure you are going to love your shaper liner that we can afford to offer this guarantee. We are the world's finest manufacturer of durable, dependable, lightweight and pristine base shapers and bag liners. These base shapers and bag liners will make your bag look fabulous and are specially made for your Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Gucci, Goyard, or Prada bag. We are currently offering Base Shapers for your Artsy MM, Artsy GM, Chanel Cerf Executive Tote, Delightful MM, Delightful PM, Estrella MM, Figheri GM, Longchamp Gatsby Sport Messenger, Goyard St. Louis PM, Goyard Saint Louis MM, Goyard Saint Louis GM, Gucci Craft Medium, Gucci GG Medium Boston Bag, Gucci Soft Stirrup Tote, Gucci Horsebit Extra Large, Gucci Soho Medium, Longchamp Le Pliage Extra Large, Le Pliage Large, LePliage Small, Longchamp Expandable Travel Duffle/Patch Pony, LV Speedy 25, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Speedy 35, Speedy 40, Montorgueil GM, Montongueil PM, Mulberry Bayswater, Neverfull PM, Neverfull MM, Neverfull GM, Portobello GM, Prada BN1786, Prada BN1802, Prada 1844 Saffiano, Prada 2274, Prada Lux Double Zipper tote, Prada Medium Double Zip, Sistina MM, Stressa PM, Totally GM, Totally MM, TotallyPM, Tivoli GM, Keepall 45, Keepall 50, Keepall 55, Keepall 60, Utah Commanche Duffle, Wilshire MM if you do not see your size listed please email us as we always have more than what is listed on our site. We have limited production runs for certain bags. Do not be afraid to contact us about a custom size, we promise we will make your bag look young and new.

Choose the Color for your bag:

Simply put, these are the finest base shapers in the world, and here is why:

-Adds form to your Louis Vuitton Bag, Longchmap bag, Gucci, Fendi, or Prada purse by creating a solid and lightweight 'base' with perfect shape that will make your bag look and feel like new.

-Prevents sagging and prevents a sloppy bag. Keeps bag in proper form so they appear young.

-Liner goes inside your bag and only weighs a few ounces making it easier for you to carry.

-Made to fit perfectly with your bags' dimensions for purse perfection.

-Hand milled and flame-polished for smooth edges that will not damage your bag unlike other plexi shapers on the market.

-Will not stain your beautiful bag.

-Will not retain scents like some of the cardboard types.

-Wipes clean and protects your bag from interior stains and blemishes (including makeup) keeping the resale value of your purse high.

-Crystal-clear acrylic displays the original interior of your bag and matches all Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, and Prada Styles, Vibrant Red to match your Damier interior, Cocoa Brown that matches the Louis Vuitton monogram or damier ebene color,s Royal Blue or Midnight Black for the perfect match to your Longchamp Lepliage, French Cream to match the azur damier.

-Base Shaper is made from the same material as 'Bullet Proof' glass (extremely strong and light) making your shaper last as long or longer than your bag.

-Not made of interior cardboard like most other base shapers (would you really want 'cardboard' in your Louis, Longchamp, Gucci, or Goyard?)

-Not made of imitation leather (Would you really want 'imitation' anything in your Louis or Gucci?) and our brand 'Princess Cut' is the #1 ranked Base Shaper Store on google.

-100% guarantee on material and craftsmanship.

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Select Your Color/Size from the drop-down menus:

Artsy MM

Artsy GM
Chanel Cerf Executive Shaper
Delightful PM 2014 and earlier version
Delightful PM 2015 Version Coming Soon
Delightful MM 2014 and earlier version
Delightful MM 2015 Version Coming Soon.
Estrella MM
Ferragamo Corine
Figheri GM
Goyard PM
Goyard MM
Goyard GM
Gucci Craft Medium Tote
Gucci GG Medium Boston Bag
Gucci Horsebit Extra Large
Gucci Soft Stirrup Tote
Gucci Soho Medium

Keepall 45

Keepall 50

Keepall 55

Keepall 60

Longchamp Lepliage Extra Large
Longchamp Lepliage Large
Longchamp Lepliage Small
Longchamp Gatsby Sport
Michael Kors Grayson Tote
Michael Kors Jet Set Signature Tote
Montorgueil PM

Montorgueil GM

Base for Mullberry Baywater
Neverfull PM

Neverfull MM

Neverfull GM

Portobello PM
Portobello GM
Prada BN1786
Prada BN1802
Prada BN1844
Prada BN2274

Roadster / Utah Commanche

Sistina MM

Speedy 25

Speedy 30

Speedy 35

Speedy 40

Stressa PM

Tivoli GM

Totally PM

Totally MM
Totally GM
Wilshire MM


Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Gucci, Prada, Custom, Base Shapers, Princess Cut Liners

Steps to order a custom Base Shaper for your Louis Vuitton/Longchamp/Gucci:

1.) Select the size that is closest to your required dimensions from the 'Custom Sizes' drop-down menu.

2.) Click the Buy Now button.

3.) When you log into PayPal you will need to provide the exact dimensions* needed for your 'Custom Size'. Exact Interal Dimensions - Please measure and provide the exact size of the inside of your bag (The size the shaper needs to be). We will not be responsible for incorrect/oversized shapers. Please take the time necessary to determine the size you need (Length and Width). This is the most important step in ordering the custom size. We want to get this correct for you the first time. NOTE: Some customers have found it helpful to experiment with cardboard in the bottom of their bag until it fits nicely and then send us the measurement of the cardboard.

4.) Once you are sure of your needed dimension you will pay for your order through PayPal.

5.) Your order will be sent to us and we will begin the fabrication of your Custom Base Shaper.

6.)Due to high demand for custom orders your shaper will normally be ready and shipped within 3-4 weeks.*

Enter Dimensions Needed:
Purse Brand and Model:

Customer Feedback:

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*International shipping and handling is $12 dollars per item.

*U.S. shipping is FREE and usually arrives between 2-5 days.

*Custom sizes cannot be larger than 24"x12".

*Images of celebrities are for illustrative/educational purposes only and they do not endorse our products.

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