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Base Shaper for Neverfull MM


Simply put, these are the finest base shapers in the world, and here is why:

-Adds form to your Louis Vuitton Bag by creating a solid and lightweight 'base' for your Neverfull MM Tote

-Not made of interior cardboard like most other base shapers (would you really want 'cardboard' in your Louis?)

-Wipes clean and protects your bag from interior stains and blemishes (including makeup)

-Not made of imitation leather (Would you really want 'imitation' anything in your Louis?

-Prevents sagging and prevents a sloppy sag. Keeps bag in proper form.

-Crystal-clear zytel polymer displays the original interior of your bag.

-Cut perfectly to your bags' dimensions (size 12 inches x 5.5 inches) -

-Liner goes inside your bag and only weighs a few ounces.

-Hand Cut and flame-polished corners. Smooth edges.

-Made from same material as 'Bullet Proof' glass.

-Will not retain scents and will not stain.

Do not be like Hillary with her sloppy bag.


Get a Princess Cut Base Shaper and you will look better than Hillary.

Fits both Damier and LV Monogram Neverfull MM

Check out what our customers are Saying:

Princess Cut Base Shaper Feedback

Trust our Five Star Rating!

Princess Cut 5 star rating

A Princess Cut base-shaper is your Louis Vuitton Bag's best friend for looking crisp and new!

Competitors sell for $28.99. We are offering superior quality.

Purchase securely through Paypal.

Love, Princess Cut

This shaper is available on our HOME page in 4 colors, select the drop-down for your bag.

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